What We Do?

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    Hearing Evaluation

    For our customers who think they may need and are considering hearing aids or who feel their hearing is not as good as it could be. Our hearing evaluation involves a complete lifestyle consultation, a discussion regarding the health of your hearing, and an examination of your hearing. We will provide the full results and our recommendations at the end of the evaluation.
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    Hearing Aid Adjustments

    We conduct a full audiogram while you wear your hearing aids and fit them based on your new results. We encourage our customers to obtain an adjustment as often as is necessary as wearing well adjusted hearing aids is essential for them to provide optimal results. Instead of purchasing a new hearing aid all you may need is an adjustment. Visit us in our Summerfield office for a hearing aid adjustment.
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    Hearing Aid Repairs in The Villages

    We have the ability to make a lot of in-house hearing aid repairs, which saves you time and money. Come in so we can assess what your hearing aids need.

Operation Shoebox Donation Location in The Villages, FL

Reaching out to our heroes worldwide and at home.

CaptionCall is free with a signed professional certification form from a professional qualified to evaluate hearing loss.

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