I was MOST pleased this morning with the friendly staff at Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions, as usual, they gave me Peace of Mind!

During my last Appointment in April , being a Snowbird and being up north for 6 1/2 months ( well away from Clarity ) , I was told that , should I require any servicing for either or both of my hearing aids , one of the Clarity Staff would have contacted a reputable hearing aid repair service in my area within the day ... with a simple phone call !

Fortunately , this was not needed...

I just returned to Florida for another 5 1/2 months and this morning was my scheduled appointment ... As I entered the Tavares building, I was greeted by Heather Kerry with genuine smiles and a lovely bubbly personality. After being asked if I wanted some refreshment and/or a snack, she led me to her office area. After I explained what issues I had while up north, she took my Hearing Aids into their lab and proceeded to repair and clean them. After a few moments , she returned with them and I re-inserted them into my ears. A few seconds later , Heather recalibrated them on her computer ... making them virtually Brand New, once more!!!

Before leaving , we scheduled my next appointment in a month's time. In short, I am EXTREMELY Grateful ... and Glad ... to be a member of the CLARITY Hearing Aid Solutions Family!!!

My hearing aids are Starkey and, as I said, have been a wonderful improvement in my life. However, a major part has been the customer service that I have gotten from the dealer, Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions in Tavares. They insist on having a new customer come in every month for the first three months to insure that your new hearing aids are working as they should. They made adjustments every time to improve my hearing aid's performance. I could not be happier. The fact that my hearing aids work so well with my iPhone is the icing on the cake!

I hope you can find a dealer in your area that treats their customers as well. My experience in Winter Park was unfortunately no so good and VERY expensive.

Being a Snowbird, it is IMPERATIVE to have an established reliable hearing aid outlet that one could frequent. Not only does Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions keep its doors open for scheduled appointment times, it was there for me when I had an emergency and nowhere else to turn!

Its entire staff is extremely competant by being able to have cleaned, repaired and even replaced sensitive inner workings of my digital hearing aids in a highly professional manner

I am totally overwhelmed with the friendly service they have provided for me, and HIGHLY recommend Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions for anybody and everybody who wears hearing aids in today's world!

My husband lost his hearing 20 years ago. After going through multiple hearing aids and his hearing failing more and more we thought we would just have to resigned to dealing with his loss. Then we found ReSound Hearing Aids at Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions.

We discovered there was hope and lots of it with the kind guidance and knowledge from Michael, Lisa, Kimberly and Kay at Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions. We now have many ways to manage volume, hearing the TV, background noise and so much more. It was truly a miracle for us to find Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions and through Michael, Lisa and the wonderful staff we have been able to improve our quality of life and will continue to enjoy each other as we have for 50 years of marriage.

A sincere thank you to Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions for all you have done for all you continue to do. You have been a blessing to us.

September 16, 2015

I have been involved with hearing devices for 20 years. I am very dependant on them, as I have severe hearing loss. The technology to enhance hearing is miracle for me as I would not be able to function without my hearing aids.

I have been involved with many hearing aid sources over the years, in Chicago, Boston, and here in Florida and I can say without exception Michael and Lisa from Clarity in Summerfield are the best. They are very knowledgeable in all the latest technology, and extremely adept at matching and adjusting the newest technology with the needs of the patient. There are no high pressure sales efforts here. They are very people oriented, and take pleasure in helping patients hear, and function the best that they are able. In my opinion there is no finer hearing loss help than Michael and Lisa at Clarity.

Summerfield, FL

The ReSound hearing aids are great. The technology is amazing. The hearing aids have impacted my hearing so much that my life's daily enjoyments are much better. The customer services exceeds my expectations and the enthusiasm of Clarity employees is superior!

December 23, 2015

The ReSound hearing aids are great! As a previous hearing aid wearer, these are far superior. Michael's exam was professional and through. He worked with me to find the best solution for my hearing problem. Follow up visits that fine tune the instruments are what makes this product work so well for me. Lisa worked with me and my insurance to help get the funding for these. The only thing better than the ReSound hearing aids is the service I received from Michael and Lisa. Honest, professional, friendly and helpful describe my experience at Clarity Hearing Association. I can't say enough good things about my experiences here.

Summerfield, FL

I was excited to learn that Lisa and Michael were back together in their new office. They are both very caring professionals and I am looking forward to more of their great service. The new office has easy access and the new technology is out of this world!

Summerfield, FL

I can not thank Michael and Lisa enough for introducing me to a new life! When Michael first placed the new aids in my ears and whispered while standing behind me, I knew it was something special. If only I had these aids 10 years ago, I would have understood what my grand daughter was whispering in my ear! I never want to be without my aids.

Summerfield, FL